Art Director / Artist     seankeeton@gmail.com     seankeeton.com

Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max, AnimateCC, Illustrator, After Effects, ZBrush, Unity, Jira, art direction, 3D & 2D animation, 3D modeling, character & prop design, illustration, MMORPG, F2P, mobile

Art Director at Hidden Variable Studios - June 2016 – Present
Skullgirls Mobile (mobile F2P), Up & Up (mobile F2P), Upcoming Xbox One Game (currently under NDA)

  • Develop art styles, create art bibles. Provide guidance, paint-overs to maintain vision & quality.
  • Create art solutions to gameplay, retention needs.
  • Create mockups, characters, animation, and environment art assets in Photoshop, Maya, Flash & Unity.
  • Set biweekly sprints & meet deadlines.
  • Work with producers to identify, test, hire, & manage art contractors.

Art Director at SEGA Networks - Three Rings Design Nov 2014 – Mar 2016
Cranky Food Friends (mobile F2P)

  • Designed look and art bible for new mobile IP that tested well with target audience.
  • Developed, managed art team. Provided guidance, paint-overs to maintain vision and quality.
  • Worked with producer and project manager to set weekly schedules.
  • Created art solutions to gameplay, retention needs.
  • Created mockups, characters, animation, and other art assets.

Senior Artist at SEGA Networks - Three Rings Design Oct 2013 – Nov 2014
Spiral Knights (Steam F2P MMORPG), Puzzle Pirates (Steam F2P MMORPG)

  • Created 3D designs, animations, and game assets in Maya and 3ds Max. 
  • Created 2D designs, animations, and game assets in Photoshop and Flash.

Lead Artist at Three Rings Design Mar 2012 – Oct 2013
Spellwood (mobile)

  • Designed look of game, created characters, backgrounds, items, UI.
  • Kept art team motivated and on schedule. 
  • Provided paint-overs and notes to maintain vision and quality.

Artist at Three Rings Design Jan 2008 – Mar 2012
Spiral Knights (PC F2P MMORPG), Whirled (F2P Browser), How to Train Your Dragon: Dragon Academy (PC), Bang Howdy! (F2P PC), Puzzle Pirates (PC F2P MMORPG), Downtown (Facebook)

  • Created 3D animations, designs, and game assets. 
  • Created 2D animations, designs, and game assets.

Lead Animator at Animagic Studios Jul 2005 – Jan 2008

  • Created 3D character animation, models, and textures for cartoons, movies, and commercials.
  • Created 2D character animation.
  • Designed workflows and provided paint-overs and notes for art team.


  • Rochester Institute Of Technology: BFA, Computer Animation
  • Summa Cum Laude (Top 1% of graduating class)
  • Dean's List (2000-2004)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award (2004)
  • Panelist, RIT Student Research Conference (2004)
  • RIT Presidential Scholarship (2000-2004)
  • R. Bruce Reinecker Scholarship (2001-2004)
  • Edward J. Blounstein Distinguished Scholar Award (2000)

My animated shorts have been featured in the following:

  • Aired on the Nicktoons Channel as part of “Nextoons” (2005)
  • Featured in Stash DVD Magazine: Issue 14 (2005)
  • Featured on Channel Frederator: Episode 83 (2007)
  • Screened at the I Castelli Animati Festival (2006)
  • Screened at the SoFA Honors Show (2004) and (2001

In addition to my love of art, video games, and animation, I create a webcomic, play guitar, and perform live animation for the stand-up comedy show, Picture This, with comedians such as the Sklar Brothres, Margaret Cho, Adam Conover, Dana Gould, Jimmy Pardo, and John Roberts.